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Subject: Re: merging of libusb-1.0 support into mainline

From: Thomas Jarosch <thomas.jarosch@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Mike Frysinger <vapier@xxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: libftdi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2010 16:55:01 +0200
On Thursday, 2. September 2010 20:58:59 you wrote:
> > The "ftdi_context" structure was expanded in libftdi-1.x,
> > IMHO this won't be ABI compatible.
> yes & no.  i see the items were added to the end -- good.  and the
> allocation is always handled by libftdi ?  so users will not be doing
> malloc(struct ftdi_context) but rather ftdi_new() ?

Please look again at ftdi_context, a pointer variable was
added in the middle of the structure. Also I guess most people
don't do ftdi_new(), so IMHO it's not ABI compatible.

> in terms of the function of these new fields (async accesses), it isnt
> like people would have to change their code in order to work with the
> new library even if they never utilize async functionality ?  in other
> words, if i had an app today that doesnt use async stuff and works fine,
> then i shouldnt have to make any source changes to it so that it works
> with the newer libftdi-1.0 ?


> > The keyword here is "older". If the distro is too old to use libusb
> > 1.x, then it can also stick to an libftdi 0.x version and don't update
> > it either.
> i was going to suggest that too.  glad you're already thinking in that
> direction :).
> it's not like libftdi-0.18 is "bad".  if that were the last libftdi
> release that supported libusb-0.x, i dont think that'd be a problem for
> people. -mike

Agreed ;)


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