Project Description Owner Last Change
bpdyndnsd bullet-proof dyndns daemon Intra2net 2 years ago
ftdi_eeprom utility to write the EEPROM... Intra2net 12 years ago
imap-fix-internaldate Small tool to fix the IMAP... Intra2net 10 years ago
imap-mark-seen Tool to mark messages as seen... Intra2net 10 years ago
imap-restore-mail Script to restore emails into... Intra2net 10 years ago
ipt_ACCOUNT high performance accounting... Intra2net 11 years ago
libasyncio Library for handling asyncrono... Intra2net 13 months ago
libftdi A library to talk to FTDI... Intra2net 5 months ago
libi2ncommon libi2ncommon: Common functions... Intra2net 12 months ago
libipt_ACCOUNT userspace library to talk... Intra2net 13 years ago
libt2n C++ inter-process communicatio... Intra2net 10 months ago
mnogosearch-rpm Fedora rpm packaging for mnogo... Intra2net 12 years ago
nagios-monitoring Monitoring checks & tools... Intra2net 13 years ago
pingcheck pingcheck - C++ based link... Intra2net 13 months ago
pyi2ncommon Common Intra2net python library Intra2net 3 months ago
python-delta-tar python library for differentia... Intra2net 14 months ago