descriptionC++ inter-process communication library
last changeWed, 16 Mar 2022 08:13:00 +0000
2022-03-16 Thomas JaroschReplace socket_handler::fill_buffer() recursion with... master
2020-05-23 Thomas JaroschFix 'occurred' typo
2018-03-30 Thomas JaroschCmake helper: Fix configure_file invocation
2016-10-26 Christian HerdtweckRaise error if length of exported symbols exceeds boost...
2016-10-26 Christian HerdtweckIncrease version to 0.8
2015-12-23 Thomas JaroschSwitch to Intra2net rpm group
2015-06-22 Thomas JaroschFix off-by-one in unit test
2015-05-13 Thomas JaroschFix doxygen generation
2015-05-05 Thomas JaroschSwitched default packaging format to .tar.bz2 latest_release v0.7
2015-05-05 Thomas JaroschAdd git based 'make dist' target
2015-05-05 Thomas JaroschPrepare libt2n 0.7 release
2015-03-10 Philipp Gesangreadme: bump year in copyright info
2015-03-10 Philipp Gesangsocket_client.cpp: prevent buffer overflow in creation...
2014-09-08 Philipp Gesangclient_wrapper.hxx, socket_wrapper.hxx: reorder member...
2013-07-19 Camilo Rocareset timeout if connection is active.
2013-07-10 Thomas JaroschCosmetic changes
7 years ago v0.7 Released libt2n 0.7
7 years ago latest_release
11 years ago v0.6 Released libt2n 0.6
13 years ago v0.5 Released libt2n v0.5
14 years ago v0.4 Tagged libt2n v0.4
15 years ago v0.3 Tagged libt2n v0.3
15 years ago v0.2 Tagged libt2n v0.2 (first public...
8 months ago master