descriptionA library to talk to FTDI chips
last changeTue, 30 Aug 2022 14:56:37 +0000
2022-08-30 Fabrice FontaineCMakeLists.txt: fix static build with libusb and -latomic master
2021-05-04 Thomas JaroschFix indentation
2021-05-02 Thomas JaroschAdd Tomasz Wasilczyk to AUTHORS
2021-05-02 Tomasz WasilczykDon't set EEPROM serial when it's not used.
2021-05-02 Tomasz WasilczykRemove legacy EEPROM fields from FT4232H.
2021-05-02 Tomasz WasilczykDon't fail reading missing strings.
2021-05-02 Tomasz Wasilczykftdi_eeprom_initdefaults const arguments
2021-05-02 Tomasz WasilczykDon't spam stderr when flashing FT232H eeprom
2020-08-24 Thomas Jaroschexamples/bitbang_cbus.c: Check return value of fgets()
2020-08-24 Thomas JaroschFix building unit tests without FTDIPP
2020-08-24 Uwe BonnesFix GCC fall-through warnings.
2020-08-24 Xiaofan ChenIgnore purge_test example build for MinGW
2020-07-18 Fabrice FontaineCMakeLists.txt: fix paths when FTDIPP is set
2020-07-07 Thomas JaroschRelease libftdi 1.5 final latest_release v1.5
2020-06-09 Thomas JaroschMerge branch 'prepare-release' v1.5rc1
2020-06-09 Thomas JaroschSet version number to 1.5rc1
2 years ago v1.5 Release libftdi 1.5
2 years ago latest_release
2 years ago v1.5rc1 First release candidate of libftdi 1.5
5 years ago v1.4 Release libftdi 1.4
5 years ago v1.4rc2 Second release candidate of libftdi 1.4
5 years ago v1.4rc1 First release candidate of libftdi 1.4
6 years ago v1.3 Release libftdi 1.3
6 years ago v1.3rc1 First release candidate of libftdi 1.3
8 years ago v1.2 Released libftdi v1.2
8 years ago v1.2rc1 Tagged first release candidate...
9 years ago v1.1 Released libftdi v1.1
9 years ago v1.1rc1 Tagged first release candidate...
10 years ago v1.0 Released libftdi 1.0
10 years ago v1.0rc3 Third release candidate of libftdi 1.0
10 years ago v1.0rc2 Released second libftdi 1.0 release...
10 years ago v1.0rc1 First release candidate of libftdi 1.0
5 months ago ft232h-group1
5 months ago master
3 years ago cmake-swig-updates
3 years ago staging
5 years ago cmake-refactoring
8 years ago libftdi-0.x