descriptionuserspace library to talk to ipt_ACCOUNT
last changeMon, 24 Aug 2009 11:37:56 +0000
2009-08-24 Thomas JaroschInclude limits.h in ipt_ACCOUNT_cl.c to work around... master
2009-08-24 Thomas JaroschRemove auto-generated files
2009-07-23 Thomas JaroschFix RPM license tag
2009-02-07 Thomas JaroschReconstruced release dates from file dates
2009-02-06 Thomas JaroschCompiled short changelog from git history latest_release
2008-12-18 Thomas JaroschRemoved kdevelop stuff
2008-11-03 Thomas JaroschSome more tests done
2008-04-18 Reinhard Pfauremoved autogenerated files
2008-03-26 Thomas JaroschRemoved obsoleted stuff
2006-10-09 Thomas Jaroschincrease version v1.3
2006-09-25 Thomas Jaroscharnied, arnielizer, arniesetup, generate, info_mqueue_u...
2006-07-13 Thomas Jaroschlibipt_ACCOUNT: (tomj) quickly hacked CSV export due...
2005-06-08 Thomas Jaroschcompile fixes
2005-05-03 Thomas Jaroschincrease version v1.2
2005-05-03 Thomas Jaroschincrease version
2005-04-14 Thomas Jaroschlibipt_ACCOUNT: (tomj) fix long standing "Invalid handl...
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