2022-08-30 Fabrice FontaineCMakeLists.txt: fix static build with libusb and -latomic master
2021-05-04 Thomas JaroschFix indentation
2021-05-02 Thomas JaroschAdd Tomasz Wasilczyk to AUTHORS
2021-05-02 Tomasz WasilczykDon't set EEPROM serial when it's not used.
2021-05-02 Tomasz WasilczykRemove legacy EEPROM fields from FT4232H.
2021-05-02 Tomasz WasilczykDon't fail reading missing strings.
2021-05-02 Tomasz Wasilczykftdi_eeprom_initdefaults const arguments
2021-05-02 Tomasz WasilczykDon't spam stderr when flashing FT232H eeprom
2020-08-24 Thomas Jaroschexamples/bitbang_cbus.c: Check return value of fgets()
2020-08-24 Thomas JaroschFix building unit tests without FTDIPP
2020-08-24 Uwe BonnesFix GCC fall-through warnings.
2020-08-24 Xiaofan ChenIgnore purge_test example build for MinGW
2020-07-18 Fabrice FontaineCMakeLists.txt: fix paths when FTDIPP is set
2020-07-07 Thomas JaroschRelease libftdi 1.5 final latest_release v1.5
2020-06-09 Thomas JaroschMerge branch 'prepare-release' v1.5rc1
2020-06-09 Thomas JaroschSet version number to 1.5rc1
2020-06-09 Thomas JaroschPrepare changelog for 1.5rc1
2020-06-09 Thomas JaroschIncrease copyright year to 2020
2020-06-09 Thomas JaroschUpdate AUTHORS file
2020-06-09 Thomas JaroschUpdate release checklist
2020-06-09 Thomas JaroschRemove outdated rpm .spec file template
2020-06-09 Diego Elio... Update Autotools Mythbuster link to avoid multiple...
2020-05-27 Thomas Jaroschftdi_eeprom_build(): Fix inverted handling of VCP drive...
2020-05-27 Thomas Jaroscheeprom handling: Unify handling of boolean bit flags
2020-05-14 Roman Lapinftdi_eeprom: Add device release number support
2020-04-13 Yegor YefremovIgnore patch files
2020-04-13 Thomas Jaroschftdi_eeprom: Minor cosmetic fix on usage screen
2020-04-13 Holger Mößingerftdi_eeprom: Add more detailed example.conf file
2020-04-13 Holger Mößingereeprom: Fix handling of high_current_drive parameter
2020-04-13 Holger Mößingereeprom: Add channel_a_driver support for type xxR chips
2020-04-13 Holger MößingerMake ftdi_eeprom more verbose by adding verbose option
2020-02-06 Yegor YefremovIgnore tags file
2020-01-24 Fabrice Fontainecmake: do not check for g++ when FTDIPP is disabled
2020-01-20 Yegor YefremovFix typos
2020-01-15 Dan Dedricklibftdi: pass eeprom strings as const
2020-01-15 Yegor YefremovCMake: reorder Python detection
2019-10-01 Thomas JaroschFix build dependency if swig wrapper and documentation...
2019-10-01 Frank DanaSimplify CMake policy guard
2019-10-01 Richard ShawCMake/Swig updates for python wrapper
2019-10-01 Yegor YefremovAdd SPDX identifiers to the core library and ftdi_eepro...
2019-10-01 Yegor Yefremovswig: improve indentation
2019-10-01 Claudio Lanconelliftdi_eeprom: Add support for group0 drive levels on...
2019-08-09 Yegor Yefremovswig: python: fix unresolved symbol issue
2019-01-21 Fabrice Fontainepython/CMakeLists.txt: fix build with cmake < 3.7
2019-01-18 Thomas JaroschRemove more example programs during rpm build
2019-01-18 Eric SchottAdd program to test flush (purge) functionality.
2019-01-18 Eric SchottImprove Doxygen output for #defines in header files.
2019-01-18 Eric SchottImplement tc[io]flush methods & deprecate broken purge_...
2018-11-05 Jordan RupprechtUse a separate Py_ssize_t var instead of casting an...
2018-11-05 Eneas U de... CMake: use find_package (SWIG) for cmake >= 3.0.0
2018-06-01 Uwe BonnesImprove new async read/write example
2018-06-01 Uwe Bonnesexamples/async.c : Short example using async read/write
2018-02-28 Thomas JaroschBring back ftdi_eeprom by default
2018-02-28 Yegor YefremovCMake: move options to a dedicated file
2018-02-06 Thomas JaroschAdd Robby McKilliam to AUTHORS
2018-02-06 Robby McKilliamAdd kernel driver auto attach/detach
2017-10-27 Thomas JaroschAccess ftdi->max_packet_size after checking ftdi contex...
2017-09-25 Thomas JaroschStart ChangeLog for next version
2017-09-25 Thomas JaroschAdd Pawel Jewstafjew to AUTHORS
2017-09-25 Pawel Jewstafjewfix support for XON/XOFF flow control
2017-09-19 Thomas JaroschFix ftdi_stream.c compilation on WIN32
2017-08-25 Rolf FiedlerFix small memleak when ftdi_init() fails
2017-08-07 Thomas JaroschIncrease version to 1.4 final v1.4
2017-07-27 Matthias Jankefollow-up on c++ open() fix. fixes logic in open()...
2017-07-26 Thomas JaroschSync README with ChangeLog
2017-07-26 Thomas JaroschIncrease version to 1.4rc2 v1.4rc2
2017-07-21 Thomas JaroschC++ API: Increase .so library version
2017-07-21 Thomas JaroschAdd Eric Schott to AUTHORS, update ChangeLog
2017-07-21 Eric SchottC++ API: Correct the purge Direction and ModemCtl enume...
2017-07-21 Eric SchottCorrect const-ness of write to agree with ftdi.h
2017-07-20 Thomas JaroschAdd Matthias Janke to AUTHORS, update ChangeLog
2017-07-20 Matthias JankeC++ API: Add support to open devices with missing produ...
2017-05-23 Thomas JaroschChangelog: Rename ftdi_usb_open_bus_port() to ftdi_usb_...
2017-05-23 Maxwell DreytserChange ftdi_open_bus_port to ftdi_open_bus_addr, since...
2017-05-23 Maxwell DreytserMinor comment fix.
2017-04-21 Yegor YefremovAdd missing sys/time.h include
2017-04-21 Thomas JaroschAdd ftdi_usb_open_bus_port to changelog, update AUTHORS
2017-04-21 Maxwell DreytserAdd a ftdi_usb_open_bus_port() function
2017-04-05 Thomas JaroschUpdate Copyright to 2017, switch download URLs to HTTPS v1.4rc1
2017-04-05 Thomas JaroschChangeLog for 1.4rc1
2017-04-05 Thomas JaroschUpdate AUTHORS and release checklist
2017-04-05 Thomas JaroschSet version number to 1.4rc1
2017-02-22 Thomas Jaroschftdi_eeprom_set_strings(): No need for an open device
2017-02-22 Thomas JaroschAdd Adam Malinowski to AUTHORS
2017-02-22 Thomas JaroschAdd python (SWIG) support for ftdi_eeprom_get_strings()
2017-02-22 Thomas JaroschAdd doxygen documentation for ftdi_eeprom_get_strings()
2017-02-22 Adam MalinowskiAdd new function ftdi_eeprom_get_strings()
2017-02-22 Yegor remove unnecessary semicolons
2016-12-23 Robert CoxUpdate build instructions with yum references
2016-12-23 Robert Coxeeprom: Fix USE_SERIAL handling for 230X type chips
2016-08-17 Tim D. SmithAllow LINK_PYTHON_LIBRARY=OFF on Darwin
2016-08-16 Thomas JaroschAdd TYPE_230X to baudrate test code
2016-08-16 Joe ZbiciakUse BM/R series baud rate computation for FT230X.
2016-07-28 Thomas JaroschAdd Jon Beniston to AUTHORS
2016-07-28 Jon BenistonConst correctness for char* strings
2016-07-22 Jon BenistonBuild on _WIN32: Don't include sys/time.h
2016-06-15 Yegor YefremovFix example
2016-06-15 Yegor YefremovMake ftdi_read_eeprom_location() endianess independent
2016-06-06 Rolf Fiedlerftdi_eeprom: Fix flashing FT245R
2016-05-20 Thomas JaroschPrepare final 1.3 release v1.3