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Subject: Re: Claiming devices has no effect under Linux

From: Uwe Bonnes <bon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: libftdi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2010 12:12:15 +0200
>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Klose <thomas.klose@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Thomas> Am Mittwoch, den 06.10.2010, 09:24 +0200 schrieb Thomas Jarosch:
    >> On Tuesday, 5. October 2010 19:15:29 Thomas Klose wrote: > If I
    >> understand right, your solution does not address this issues. It is >
    >> just an opinion, but I think the only clean solution would be to
    >> remove > this function call at all. If the user wants to detach a
    >> driver, he > should do it by himself, e.g. by calling the usb_detach
    >> function. For > convenience maybe helper functions
    >> (ftdi_detach_sio(), > ftdi_detach_sio_desc(), et cetera) could be
    >> implemented.
    >> Before the detach code was in place, I've received an email about
    >> every week why their code was unable to open the FTDI device (which
    >> was clearly listed by lsusb). I don't want to go back to that
    >> again...

    Thomas> I understand your point of view. However, this solution may even
    Thomas> worsen the problem over time: If people are not forced to use
    Thomas> proper VID/PIDs for their devices, they won't do it. They may
    Thomas> not even be aware, there is an problem. This kind of approach
    Thomas> can potentially lead to a very unpleasant situation. The ACPI
    Thomas> hell which resulted from a similar work-around-attitude is one
    Thomas> example.

Thomas K.,

many developpers here don't do commercial development, and they work on many
different projects. So applying for a different VID/PID for everybody  is a
lot of work and FTDI will soon run out of numbers. With the API to open a
named device, people can live with the default VID/PID. In fact there is
often only a small task to be done with libftdi, the rest can be done with
ftdi_sio, so ftdi_sio would need to be loaded for the new VID/PID anyway.

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