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2010-10-04 Thomas JaroschReformat example code to match libftdi style:
2010-10-04 Uwe BonnesUse API and not direct structure ftdi->eeprom access...
2010-09-27 Uwe BonnesAnother approach to get the examples/streamtest.c print...
2010-09-27 Uwe BonnesDocument the write option in usage()
2010-09-20 Uwe Bonnesexamples/eeprom.c: Remove unused variable
2010-09-20 Uwe BonnesAdd option to write eeprom
2010-09-20 Uwe BonnesHandle manufacturer/product/serial strings internal...
2010-09-20 Uwe BonnesProvide internal eeprom structure buffer with internal...
2010-09-20 Uwe BonnesUse allocated ftdi structure
2010-09-20 Uwe BonnesInitialize use_defaults
2010-09-20 Uwe BonnesExample for the EEPROM API
2010-09-16 Thomas JaroschCorrect (signedness) issues detected by -Wall
2010-09-16 Uwe Bonnesstream_test.c cleanup
2010-06-25 Mike Frysingerlibftdi: add a --without-examples configure flag
2010-06-21 Emmanuel BlotFix up build on Mac OS X:
2010-06-21 Emmanuel BlotFix up string formatting for long long integers (64...
2010-06-10 Uwe BonnesCorrect version of ftdi_readstream agains GIT Head
2010-06-09 Uwe BonnesProvide a streaming read, base on code from Micah Dowty
2010-01-19 Jie ZhangInitial import of using libusb-1.0.
2010-01-18 Gerd von Egidybuilding parts of libftdi via cmake is now optional.
2009-12-13 Gerd v. Egidydon't use deprecated functions in examples anymore
2009-12-12 Gerd v. Egidyuse ftdi_usb_open_string() in baud_test example
2009-12-06 Gerd v. Egidyfix sync bitbang read-timing
2009-12-06 Gerd v. Egidyread only what has really been written (seems not to...
2009-12-06 Gerd v. Egidymake the write chunksize (and read chunksize for syncbb...
2009-12-06 Gerd v. Egidyincrease resolution of time factor output
2009-12-06 Gerd v. Egidyfix documentation typo
2009-12-06 Gerd v. Egidyadd baud_test example program: compare expected and...
2009-12-04 Thomas JaroschRenamed examples/sio to examples/serial_read
2009-12-04 Jim Parisexamples: add sio example
2009-05-04 Thomas JaroschFix result test of example application
2009-05-04 Marek VavrusaFixed Context::open as get_strings() closes the device...
2009-04-06 Uwe BonnesMingw Cross compiling
2009-03-17 Thomas JaroschShow a good example: Always check the return value...
2009-03-16 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi++: Adjust library filename to match autoconf...
2009-03-16 Thomas JaroschImprove indentation and whitespace cleanup
2008-10-22 Thomas JaroschInclude cmake rules in 'make dist'
2008-10-21 Thomas JaroschRemoved examples/memorytest.cpp - it's more like a...
2008-10-21 Thomas Jaroschcmake rules: Fixed project description, adjusted output...
2008-10-21 Marek VavrusaAdded cmake rules
2008-10-21 Thomas JaroschAdded C++ examples to the build process
2008-10-21 Marek VavrusaAdded C++ wrapper examples
2008-09-08 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) fixed flow control code, fixed wrong...
2007-10-19 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) FTDICHIP-ID read support
2007-04-24 Thomas JaroschContributed CBUS EEPROM template
2007-04-24 Thomas JaroschCBUS example fixed by Steve Brown
2007-04-24 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) short CBUS mode example
2007-04-24 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) short CBUS mode example
2007-04-24 Thomas JaroschProper copyright headers
2007-04-19 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) fix ftdi_list_free
2007-04-19 Thomas JaroschCosmetic changes
2007-01-24 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) updated ft2232 bitbang mode example
2006-10-09 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) polished documentation, started "exampl...