fixed EEPROM user-area space checks for FT232R and FT245R chips in ftdi_eeprom_build()
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2014-11-15 Thomas JaroschNew default version for new git tags
2014-07-07 Thomas JaroschNo more freshmeat / freecode :(
2013-04-10 Thomas JaroschUnify style of the main source code
2013-01-29 Thomas JaroschFix typo in release documentation
2013-01-15 Michel ZouFixed doxygen warnings.
2012-11-19 Dan WhiteEnable separate doxygen XML output
2012-08-31 Michel ZouFix doxygen doc generation if C++ wrapper is not built
2012-07-07 Anders LarsenDocument the FT245R EEPROM weirdness
2012-07-07 Anders LarsenDocument the FT245R EEPROM weirdness
2012-04-13 Anders LarsenCompleted the support for the FT4232H chip
2011-09-29 Thomas JaroschUpgrade doxygen file with 'doxygen -u'
2011-09-29 Thomas JaroschQuiet normal doxygen output so we only see the useful...
2011-09-26 Thomas JaroschUpdate release process documentation
2011-09-26 Thomas JaroschRemove autoconf support. Project switched to cmake
2010-09-24 Thomas JaroschUpdate eeprom map as we work in word sizes
2010-09-24 Thomas JaroschDocument the magic 0x02 0x03 0x01 value after the seria...
2010-09-24 Thomas JaroschDocument isochronous transfer mode of FT2232C
2010-09-24 Thomas JaroschUpdate/verify EEPROM map for BM type chips
2010-09-20 Uwe BonnesAdd description of EEPROM Structure as decoded by now...
2009-12-21 Thomas JaroschDocument libftdi release process
2009-02-14 Gerd v. Egidyremove now-unneeded documentation-header
2008-12-19 Thomas JaroschSmall tweaks to the documentation
2008-10-17 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) include C++ wrapper in doxygen
2008-04-16 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) fix build for "out of tree" builds
2008-03-01 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) applied vala bindings, always document...
2007-02-08 Thomas Jaroschdoxygen HTML output header v0.8
2006-10-09 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) polished documentation, started "exampl...
2006-10-09 Thomas JaroschRemove stupid comment
2006-10-06 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) finishing touches on API documentation
2006-10-06 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) first shot at doxygen documentation