fixed EEPROM user-area space checks for FT232R and FT245R chips in ftdi_eeprom_build()
[libftdi] / .gitignore
2012-11-19 Dan WhiteEnable separate doxygen XML output
2012-06-24 Thomas JaroschRename library from libftdi to libftdi1
2012-06-24 Thomas JaroschRename libftdi-config to libftdi1-config
2011-09-26 Thomas JaroschRemove autoconf support. Project switched to cmake
2011-07-27 Thomas JaroschFix more occurences of serial_read -> serial_test
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschUpdate project file to kdevelop 4
2010-07-07 Martin Zenzes (spa... gitignore: temporary swp-files created by vim
2009-12-21 Mike Frysingerignore more generated files
2009-03-14 Marius KintelAdded ftdi_eeprom_decode()
2009-02-07 Thomas JaroschAdded .gitignore file