Replace socket_handler::fill_buffer() recursion with loop (#8389)
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1code generator using gccxml and libxml++
3for example usage take a look at the libt2n-example package
5design decisions:
7installation of codegen-stubhead.hxx:
8codegen-stubhead.hxx is installed because the generated includes depend on the libt2n headers anyway
10make file snippet moved into libt2n-example1 and must be copied manually:
11automake is run first (before configure) and needs the makefile snippet => no way to let configure
12find the makefile snippet
14examples in separate packages:
15- this was done to be able to test that installation and configure scripts work as intended
16- there are two examples because one is used to generate the usage example documentation using doxygen
17 and one is used for automatic testing
18- in libt2n-examples there is a script test-built-install-use to test everything is fine
20group header file for include file dependencies:
21- simple
22- i don't see a solution using gccxml
23- better than extracting all the includes from the file and adding them to the generated code