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[libftdi] / ftdi_eeprom /
2020-06-09 Thomas JaroschIncrease copyright year to 2020
2020-05-14 Roman Lapinftdi_eeprom: Add device release number support
2020-04-13 Thomas Jaroschftdi_eeprom: Minor cosmetic fix on usage screen
2020-04-13 Holger Mößingerftdi_eeprom: Add more detailed example.conf file
2020-04-13 Holger MößingerMake ftdi_eeprom more verbose by adding verbose option
2019-10-01 Yegor YefremovAdd SPDX identifiers to the core library and ftdi_eepro...
2019-10-01 Claudio Lanconelliftdi_eeprom: Add support for group0 drive levels on...
2018-02-28 Yegor YefremovCMake: move options to a dedicated file
2016-05-20 Thomas Jaroschftdi_eeprom: Improve usability of flash_raw mode
2015-11-20 Thomas JaroschInstall example config for ftdi_eeprom in docdir
2015-11-20 Salvador Eduardo... eeprom handling: Add support for arbitrary user data
2015-11-20 Salvador Eduardo... ftdi_eeprom: Add --build-eeprom support
2015-10-16 Thilo SchulzAllow include() directive for libconfuse formatted...
2015-10-16 Thilo SchulzFix segfault crash if output file cannot be opened
2015-08-14 Stephan Linzftdi_eeprom: support channel configuration
2015-03-04 Robin Haberkornftdi_eeprom: added --device option to specify FTDI...
2015-02-12 Robin Haberkornfixed ftdi_cbus_func and ftdi_cbush_func enumerations...
2014-01-23 Thomas JaroschIncrease copyright year to 2014
2013-10-24 Thomas Jaroschreformatting with astyle (to match existing code style)
2013-09-02 xantaresFixed libintl use.
2013-05-28 Julien SchuellerAdded detection of libintl.
2013-02-26 Michel ZouAdded confuse script and moved cmake files
2012-12-28 Thomas JaroschIncrease copyright year (final release will be in 2013)
2012-12-27 Thomas JaroschInstall ftdi_eeprom
2012-07-07 Anders Larsenftdi_eeprom: reset the device after flashing the eeprom
2012-07-07 Anders Larsenftdi_eeprom: Added config value "eeprom_type"
2012-07-07 Anders Larsenftdi_eeprom: reset the device after flashing the eeprom
2012-07-07 Anders Larsenftdi_eeprom: Added config value "eeprom_type"
2012-06-24 Thomas JaroschRename library from libftdi to libftdi1
2012-04-13 Anders LarsenCompleted the support for the FT4232H chip
2012-04-13 Anders Larsenftdi_eeprom: Fix segmentation fault after --flash_eeprom
2012-04-13 Anders Larsenftdi_eeprom: remove redundant debug output
2011-12-12 Andreas HelmckeAdd missing malloc in ftdi_eeprom
2011-09-08 Uwe Bonnesftdi_eeprom/main.c: Clean up the FTDI structure on...
2011-09-08 Uwe Bonnesftdi_eeprom/main.c: Malloc the eeprom Buffer with the...
2011-09-08 Uwe BonnesThe BM_type_chip option no longer exists
2011-09-02 Uwe Bonnesftdi_eeprom: the chip type is given by the connected...
2011-09-02 Uwe Bonnesftdi_eeprom: Change sequenc of initialization to get...
2011-09-02 Uwe Bonnesftdi_eeprom: If we don't understand the argument, tell...
2011-09-02 Thomas JaroschFix include directories: Prefer local (probably newer...
2011-07-27 Uwe BonnesMove opening the device before tampering with the value...
2011-07-19 Uwe Bonnesftdi_eeprom: Change handling the EEPROM size
2011-07-19 Uwe Bonnesftdi_eeprom: Use exported APIs only
2011-01-19 Vladimir YakovlevNot writing to file, in flash_raw mode
2011-01-19 Vladimir YakovlevDefault USB PID differs for different devices. 0x6001...
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschImport example config file from ftdi_eeprom tree
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschFix raw eeprom buffer handling
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschUse eeprom_set_value()/eeprom_get_value() where possible
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschPrepare switch to opaque eeprom buffer
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschUpdate copyright information and add ftdi_eeprom TODO...
2010-10-23 Thomas Jaroschftdi_eeprom compiles now. Still needs a lot of work
2010-10-23 Thomas JaroschAdd ftdi_eeprom target (currently disabled). Get versio...
2010-10-15 Thomas JaroschImport latest, unchanged ftdi_eeprom source
2010-09-27 Thomas JaroschCmake skeleton for ftdi_eeprom build support