fix mem leaks in examples ftdi_deinit -> ftdi_free
[libftdi] / examples / bitbang_cbus.c
2013-01-15 Matthias Jankefix mem leaks in examples ftdi_deinit -> ftdi_free
2012-01-16 Thomas JaroschExample code: Fix compile warnings about unused variables
2011-10-04 Uwe BonnesUse ftdi_new and not ftdi_init in the examples
2011-06-28 Uwe BonnesFix all leak in the examples shown with no device connected
2010-01-19 Jie ZhangInitial import of using libusb-1.0.
2009-03-17 Thomas JaroschShow a good example: Always check the return value...
2009-03-16 Thomas JaroschImprove indentation and whitespace cleanup
2007-04-24 Thomas JaroschCBUS example fixed by Steve Brown
2007-04-24 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) short CBUS mode example