ftdi_stream: fix timeout setting: tv_usec field of timeval is in microseconds, not ms
[libftdi] / TODO
2012-12-28 Thomas JaroschUpdate README and TODO
2012-07-28 Thomas JaroschPython stuff is solved now
2012-06-24 Thomas JaroschAnother TODO entry gone
2012-06-24 Thomas JaroschDon't rename python wrapper for now
2012-06-24 Thomas JaroschWe decided to skip this API change for now
2011-09-30 Thomas JaroschSolved another TODO entry
2011-09-29 Uwe BonnesUse a private header for the private EEPROM structures
2011-09-29 Thomas JaroschSome more steps done towards 1.0
2011-09-08 Thomas JaroschDocument what needs to be done for an official 1.0...