Update changelog for 1.3, update AUTHORS
[libftdi] / ChangeLog
2016-04-19 Thomas JaroschUpdate changelog for 1.3, update AUTHORS
2016-04-18 Thomas JaroschAdd Fahrzin Hemmati to AUTHORS, update ChangeLog
2016-03-26 Eugene HutornyAdded ftdi_transfer_data_cancel for cancelation of...
2014-11-21 Thomas JaroschPrepare for final 1.2 release v1.2
2014-11-15 Thomas JaroschSet release version 1.2, sort ChangeLog by priority
2014-11-15 Thomas JaroschPrepare changelog for 1.2 RC
2014-02-05 Thomas JaroschFinal touches for 1.1 release
2014-01-23 Thomas JaroschUpdate ChangeLog according to git history
2013-01-29 Thomas JaroschPrepare changelog for release v1.0
2013-01-25 Thomas JaroschPrepare third release candidate v1.0rc3
2013-01-16 Thomas JaroschPrepare for 1.0rc2 v1.0rc2
2012-12-28 Thomas JaroschMark release candidate status v1.0rc1
2012-12-28 Thomas JaroschUpdate ChangeLog
2012-12-28 Thomas JaroschGrab changelog from libftdi 0.20
2009-12-19 Thomas JaroschUpdated ChangeLog before release
2009-12-04 Thomas JaroschUpdated ChangeLog
2009-11-03 Thomas JaroschUpdated AUTHORS and ChangeLog
2009-07-27 Thomas JaroschUpdated ChangeLog and AUTHORS
2009-05-08 Thomas JaroschFinal v0.16 release date v0.16
2009-05-06 Alex HarfordAllow C/D interfaces to be used on the 4232H, initializ...
2009-05-04 Thomas JaroschUpdate changelog v0.16rc2
2009-04-27 Thomas JaroschIncrease version and update changelog v0.16rc1
2009-04-07 Tarek HeilandAdded python bindings
2009-04-07 Thomas JaroschRelicensed C++ wrapper under GPLv2 + linking exception
2009-04-07 Thomas JaroschUpdated ChangeLog, added David Challis to AUTHORS
2009-04-06 Thomas JaroschAdded mingw cross compile support to ChangeLog
2009-03-24 Tarek HeilandMinor autoconf cleanup
2009-03-17 Thomas JaroschHandle return value of some functions
2009-03-16 Thomas JaroschUpdated ChangeLog and AUTHORS
2009-03-14 Thomas JaroschUpdated ChangeLog
2009-03-10 Thomas JaroschAdded Marius Kintel to AUTHORS file, updated ChangeLog
2009-02-08 Matthias JankeFix compilation in -ansi -pendantic mode
2009-02-07 Thomas JaroschReconstructed release dates from file dates / freshmeat...
2008-10-21 Marek VavrusaAdded cmake rules
2008-10-17 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) update README a little
2008-10-17 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) optional build of C++ wrapper
2008-09-08 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) fixed flow control code, fixed wrong...
2008-08-12 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) ability to set RS232 break type
2008-07-07 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) 64 bit build support in the RPM spec...
2008-06-25 Thomas JaroschGive credit for the RPM fix
2008-06-24 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) grouped flow control and modem status...
2008-06-02 Thomas JaroschFix typo
2008-06-02 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) build .spec file via configure. Enable...
2008-05-02 Thomas JaroschGive credit where credit is due
2008-05-02 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) fixed "libusb-config --cflags" call
2008-04-25 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) always set usb configuration
2008-04-25 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) improved libusb-win32 support
2008-04-16 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) remove autogenerated files, changelog...
2008-04-16 Thomas JaroschUpdated changelog
2008-04-16 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) fix build for "out of tree" builds
2008-03-25 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) fix USB config descriptor
2008-03-04 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) applied modem status functions patch...
2008-03-01 Gerd von Egidylibftdi: (gerd) fix changelog typo
2008-03-01 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) applied vala bindings, always document...
2008-03-01 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) make async code optional
2008-02-02 Thomas JaroschApplied EEPROM size patches from Andrew John Rogers...
2007-10-19 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) FTDICHIP-ID read support
2007-04-24 Thomas JaroschBump version and changelog
2007-02-09 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi, libt2n: (tomj) fix build when doxygen is not... v0.9
2007-01-24 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) updated ft2232 bitbang mode example
2006-12-11 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) added ftdi_usb_get_strings function...
2006-10-09 Thomas Jaroschupdated changelog
2006-08-30 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) fix ftdi_read_pins on PowerPC systems
2006-08-08 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) integrated ftdi_sio detach patch from...
2005-12-12 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) applied external flow control patch...
2005-10-11 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) increase for 0.7 release, updated chang... v0.7
2005-06-12 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) find all devices by vendor/product id
2005-06-12 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) documentation updates by Tim Ansell
2005-04-24 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) prepare 0.6 release, set library versio... v0.6
2005-02-15 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) applied status byte filtering patch
2005-01-27 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) extended FT2232C support
2004-12-07 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) small improvement to the baudrate calcu...
2004-11-27 Thomas JaroschApplied patch from Rogier Wolff with cosmetic changed.
2004-09-24 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) prepare libftdi 0.5 release
2004-09-21 Gerd von Egidylibftdi: (gerd) recreate in new kdevelop, pkgconfig...
2004-08-07 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) applied status byte filtering patch...
2004-07-25 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) Applied open by description and/or...
2004-07-23 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) Improved error handling (Evgeny Sinelnikov)
2004-06-15 Thomas Jaroschchanges for 0.4 release
2004-03-25 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) wrote Changelog, library version increase
2004-01-03 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) added changelog and increased version...
2003-04-03 Gerd von Egidylibftdi: (gerd) add a real libftdi with autoconf stuff...