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2015-11-20 Thomas JaroschAdd Salvador Eduardo Tropea to AUTHORS
2015-10-16 Thomas JaroschAdd Thilo Schulz to AUTHORS
2015-09-07 Thomas JaroschAdd Raphael Assenat to AUTHORS
2015-08-14 Thomas JaroschAdd Stephan Linz to AUTHORS
2014-11-15 Thomas JaroschAdd new code authors
2014-02-05 Thomas JaroschFinal touches for 1.1 release
2014-01-23 Thomas JaroschUpdate AUTHORS according to git history
2014-01-23 Thomas JaroschAlphabetic sorting
2012-12-28 Thomas JaroschUpdate AUTHORS
2012-05-22 Thomas JaroschAdd Xiaofan Chen to AUTHORS. This was long overdue
2012-05-22 Thomas JaroschAdd Jared Boone to AUTHORS
2012-05-15 Daniel KirkhamEEPROM max_power build/decode inconsistency
2012-04-13 Thomas JaroschAdd 'Anders Larsen' to AUTHORS
2011-10-11 Michel ZouFix installaton of python wrapper
2011-05-06 Thomas JaroschCorrect ftdi_poll_modem_status() result code
2011-05-06 Thomas JaroschCorrect ftdi_poll_modem_status() result code
2011-05-02 Chris ZehFix ftdi_read_pins in python bindings
2010-12-30 Thomas JaroschUpdate AUTHORS file
2010-07-14 Thomas JaroschUpdate AUTHORS and fix code indent
2010-06-14 Wilfried HolzkeAdd ftdi_eeprom_free() to free allocated memory in...
2009-11-03 Thomas JaroschUpdated AUTHORS and ChangeLog
2009-07-27 Thomas JaroschUpdated ChangeLog and AUTHORS
2009-05-06 Alex HarfordAllow C/D interfaces to be used on the 4232H, initializ...
2009-04-07 Thomas JaroschUpdated ChangeLog, added David Challis to AUTHORS
2009-03-24 Tarek HeilandMinor autoconf cleanup
2009-03-16 Thomas JaroschUpdated ChangeLog and AUTHORS
2009-03-10 Thomas JaroschAdded Marius Kintel to AUTHORS file, updated ChangeLog
2008-09-08 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) fixed flow control code, fixed wrong...
2008-04-25 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) improved libusb-win32 support
2008-04-08 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi: (tomj) added AUTHORS file
2004-09-21 Gerd von Egidylibftdi: (gerd) recreate in new kdevelop, pkgconfig...
2004-03-25 Thomas Jaroschlibftdi, ftdi_eeprom: (tomj) changed all email addresse...
2003-04-03 Gerd von Egidylibftdi: (gerd) add a real libftdi with autoconf stuff...