descriptionA library to talk to FTDI chips
last changeMon, 7 Aug 2017 14:52:39 +0000
11 days ago Thomas JaroschIncrease version to 1.4 final master latest_release v1.4
2017-07-27 Matthias Jankefollow-up on c++ open() fix. fixes logic in open()...
2017-07-26 Thomas JaroschSync README with ChangeLog
2017-07-26 Thomas JaroschIncrease version to 1.4rc2 v1.4rc2
2017-07-21 Thomas JaroschC++ API: Increase .so library version
2017-07-21 Thomas JaroschAdd Eric Schott to AUTHORS, update ChangeLog
2017-07-21 Eric SchottC++ API: Correct the purge Direction and ModemCtl enume...
2017-07-21 Eric SchottCorrect const-ness of write to agree with ftdi.h
2017-07-20 Thomas JaroschAdd Matthias Janke to AUTHORS, update ChangeLog
2017-07-20 Matthias JankeC++ API: Add support to open devices with missing produ...
2017-05-23 Thomas JaroschChangelog: Rename ftdi_usb_open_bus_port() to ftdi_usb_...
2017-05-23 Maxwell DreytserChange ftdi_open_bus_port to ftdi_open_bus_addr, since...
2017-05-23 Maxwell DreytserMinor comment fix.
2017-04-21 Yegor YefremovAdd missing sys/time.h include
2017-04-21 Thomas JaroschAdd ftdi_usb_open_bus_port to changelog, update AUTHORS
2017-04-21 Maxwell DreytserAdd a ftdi_usb_open_bus_port() function
11 days ago v1.4 Release libftdi 1.4
11 days ago latest_release
3 weeks ago v1.4rc2 Second release candidate of libftdi 1.4
4 months ago v1.4rc1 First release candidate of libftdi 1.4
14 months ago v1.3 Release libftdi 1.3
15 months ago v1.3rc1 First release candidate of libftdi 1.3
2 years ago v1.2 Released libftdi v1.2
2 years ago v1.2rc1 Tagged first release candidate...
3 years ago v1.1 Released libftdi v1.1
3 years ago v1.1rc1 Tagged first release candidate...
4 years ago v1.0 Released libftdi 1.0
4 years ago v1.0rc3 Third release candidate of libftdi 1.0
4 years ago v1.0rc2 Released second libftdi 1.0 release...
4 years ago v1.0rc1 First release candidate of libftdi 1.0
5 years ago v0.20 Released libftdi 0.20
6 years ago v0.19 Released libftdi 0.19
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