descriptionA library to talk to FTDI chips
last changeMon, 24 Aug 2020 17:45:41 +0000
2020-08-24 Thomas Jaroschexamples/bitbang_cbus.c: Check return value of fgets() master
2020-08-24 Thomas JaroschFix building unit tests without FTDIPP
2020-08-24 Uwe BonnesFix GCC fall-through warnings.
2020-08-24 Xiaofan ChenIgnore purge_test example build for MinGW
2020-07-18 Fabrice FontaineCMakeLists.txt: fix paths when FTDIPP is set
2020-07-07 Thomas JaroschRelease libftdi 1.5 final latest_release v1.5
2020-06-09 Thomas JaroschMerge branch 'prepare-release' v1.5rc1
2020-06-09 Thomas JaroschSet version number to 1.5rc1
2020-06-09 Thomas JaroschPrepare changelog for 1.5rc1
2020-06-09 Thomas JaroschIncrease copyright year to 2020
2020-06-09 Thomas JaroschUpdate AUTHORS file
2020-06-09 Thomas JaroschUpdate release checklist
2020-06-09 Thomas JaroschRemove outdated rpm .spec file template
2020-06-09 Diego Elio... Update Autotools Mythbuster link to avoid multiple...
2020-05-27 Thomas Jaroschftdi_eeprom_build(): Fix inverted handling of VCP drive...
2020-05-27 Thomas Jaroscheeprom handling: Unify handling of boolean bit flags
6 months ago v1.5 Release libftdi 1.5
6 months ago latest_release
7 months ago v1.5rc1 First release candidate of libftdi 1.5
3 years ago v1.4 Release libftdi 1.4
3 years ago v1.4rc2 Second release candidate of libftdi 1.4
3 years ago v1.4rc1 First release candidate of libftdi 1.4
4 years ago v1.3 Release libftdi 1.3
4 years ago v1.3rc1 First release candidate of libftdi 1.3
6 years ago v1.2 Released libftdi v1.2
6 years ago v1.2rc1 Tagged first release candidate...
6 years ago v1.1 Released libftdi v1.1
6 years ago v1.1rc1 Tagged first release candidate...
7 years ago v1.0 Released libftdi 1.0
7 years ago v1.0rc3 Third release candidate of libftdi 1.0
8 years ago v1.0rc2 Released second libftdi 1.0 release...
8 years ago v1.0rc1 First release candidate of libftdi 1.0
4 months ago master
15 months ago cmake-swig-updates
15 months ago staging
2 years ago cmake-refactoring
6 years ago libftdi-0.x