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Subject: Using both interfaces on FT2232H

From: Mikael Krus <mk@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: libftdi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 10:13:35 +0200

I am trying to configure both interfaces in FT2232H, and use them and at the same time. This isn't working as expected though.

This is how I like it:
Interface A should be in synchrounous FIFO mode continously reading the buffer waiting for data. Interface B should be in MPSSE mode (simple general purpose IO). Toggling a pin writes data to the FIFO (for interface A to read).

This is a snippet from my code when sertting up the interfaces (I can attach my full code if someone like to see it):

    // Select and open interface A, reset and purge, enable syncFIFO
    ret = ftdi_set_interface(&ftdicA, INTERFACE_A);
    ret |= ftdi_usb_open_dev(&ftdicA, devlist->dev);
    ret |= ftdi_usb_reset(&ftdicA);
    ret |= ftdi_usb_purge_buffers(&ftdicA);
    ret |= ftdi_set_bitmode(&ftdicA, 0, BITMODE_RESET);
    ret |= ftdi_set_bitmode(&ftdicA, 0, BITMODE_SYNCFF);

    ret = ftdi_set_interface(&ftdicB, INTERFACE_B);
    ret |= ftdi_usb_open_dev(&ftdicB, devlist->dev);
    ret |= ftdi_usb_reset(&ftdicB);
    ret |= ftdi_usb_purge_buffers(&ftdicB);
    ret |= ftdi_set_bitmode(&ftdicB, 0, BITMODE_RESET);
    ret |= ftdi_set_bitmode(&ftdicB, 0, BITMODE_MPSSE);

After this I try to send a "bogus" command to the MPSSE expecting it to send back a two byte "error code" message, but this never happens.

If I comment out the setup of interface A, however it works as expected (regarding the "error message" sent back).
What did I do wrong??

Besides this, what effect will my ftdi_usb_reset() call have on interface A when calling it for interface B? Does it also get reset?

Best regards

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