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Subject: FYI: libusb-win32 released

From: Xiaofan Chen <xiaofanc@xxxxxxxxx>
To: libftdi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2010 15:31:47 +0800
The following is for your information.

The good thing about this latest release is that it has the
new device filter wizard GUI. Using this GUI, you can
install libusb-win32 filter to a specific USB device
(actually a specific interface of a specific USB device).

For example, you can attach the libusb-win32 device
filter to your FT232x/245x based device or the
Interface A of your FT2232x based device. The existing
FTDI driver is intact. Therefore you can use either
libftd2xx (using FTDI driver) or libftdi (using libusb-win32
driver) with your device without switching driver.

The device filter mode is safer than the previous
release (class filter to all possible USB device)
since it will not attach to those device you
do not want to disturb (like your USB HID keyboard,
Mouse and USB mass storage device).

Xiaofan (one of the admins, libusb-win32 project)

Travis has pushed the release version. You can
download the release here.

As always, we recommend you to use the latest version.
If you encounter any problems or need support, please
report to the mailing list. Thanks.

LibUsb-Win32 Change Log

V1.2.2.0 (10/02/2010)
* Added install-filter-win.exe.  A gui installer for device filters.

* Added new libusb0.dll function usb_install_np_rundll().  This function
 is designed for rundll32.exe and takes the same parameters as

* Updated install-filter.exe.  This application has several new features.
 Type "install-filter --help" for more details.

* Updated libusb-win32-devel-filter package.  This package is once again
 available for download as a setup.exe.

* Updated libusb-win32 "bin" package format.  inf-wizard.exe has been moved
 up one directory.

* Updated driver_installer_template.iss example. This is an Inno Setup
 Script showing how to create your own setup.exe for installing your
 application and driver.

* Fixed missing byte order marker in inf-wizard.exe .inf files. (libwdi)

* Fixed auto-configuration issue when there is more than one driver in the

* Fixed BSOD when using the filter driver with devices that are auto
 suspended by other drivers in the stack.

* Fixed BSOD for devices with endpoints that have '0' for wMaxPacketSize.

* Fixed BSOD when cancelling large transfers on high speed devices.

V1.2.1.0 (07/28/2010)
* Updated bulk.c to include async i/o example code.

* Fixed usb_install_driver_np() issue with inf-wizard generated infs.

* Fixed inf2cat.exe issue with inf-wizard generated infs.

* Added 'Install Now' feature to inf-wizard. (libwdi)

* Added embedded libusb-win32 binaries to inf-wizard. (libwdi)

* Added libwdi ( to inf-wizard.

* Added get cached configuration request to usb_open(). This is a new
 control code that involves no device i/o and allows
 usb_set_configuration() to be omitted if the driver has already
 configured it.

* Fixed set_configuration() failure for devices that do not properly
 support get_configuration().

V1.2.0.0 (07/07/2010)
* First signed driver release! The libusb-win32 kernel driver (libusb0.sys)
 can now be used on x64 Windows machines that require signed drivers.

* Fixed 2128187 reported by Tim Green. usb_get_descriptor() can fail
 because the given buffer of 8 bytes is too small.

* Fixed 2928293 reported by Tim Green. Sometimes the call to
 usb_fetch_and_parse_descriptors() in usb_find_devices() can fail. This
 patch moves the LIST_ADD to after a successful read of the device's
 configuration descriptors.

* Fixed issue causing libusb-win32 to not act as power policy owner
 when it should.

* Fixed issue in which on rare occasion, a libusb-win32 filter device could
 run as a "normal" device.

* Fixed filter driver issue for device using wudfr.sys.

* Added large transfer splitting to driver (bulk, int, iso). NOTE:
 The dll continues to break transfers in the same manner it always has.

libftdi - see for details.
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