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Subject: Re: [EEPROM branch] "size_check" init value

From: Uwe Bonnes <bon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: libftdi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 16:44:48 +0200
>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Jarosch <thomas.jarosch@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Thomas> On Friday, 24. September 2010 14:20:18 Xiaofan Chen wrote:
    >> Section "EEPROM Programming -->EEPROM Settings -->USB String
    >> Descriptors" of the help file (chm format) has the following.  "This
    >> allows for the string descriptors that the device will use to be
    >> changed on the EEPROM.  The maximum number of characters that the
    >> string descriptors can take is 48 including the Manufacturer, Product
    >> Description and Serial Number strings."

    Thomas> Thanks for checking, I'll change the code to limit the string
    Thomas> length to 48 characters in total.

As explained, this is wrong due to an error in AN_121. If done so, it will
ovveride checksum...

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