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Subject: Re: [EEPROM branch] "size_check" init value

From: Uwe Bonnes <bon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: libftdi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 16:38:51 +0200
    Thomas> Could you check with MProg if they limit all strings to a total
    Thomas> of 96 bytes?  If yes, we can greatly simplify our "size_check"
    Thomas> code like this:

I don't have access to modified wine here. So I testet linux ftd2xx.

    Thomas> if (manfacturer_size*2 + product_size*2 + serial_size*2) > 96)
    Thomas> explode_and_die();
On a FT232R, FT_EE_Program() failed with error 18 if the string size was
> 46. So I think, there's a bug in AN_121, and using plain 96 on all chips
will lead to error. E.g. on a FT2232H, strings start at 0x1a(0x9a) and +
0x66 (0x60 bytes and 3 times length and string marker) will bring us to
 0x7f(0xff), leaving no room for the checksum. And then the PNP marker
 (0x02030000 or 0x02030100) is left out too.

    Thomas> AN_121 also mentions the "manufacturer ID" string additionally
    Thomas> to the "manufacturer" string. Any idea what that is?

The manufacturer ID is a tag used for the "automatic" generation  of serial
numbers. I have never seen it in the real EEPROM, beside eventually as the
first letters of the generated  

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