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Subject: Re: Help with unsupported ioctl's.

From: VDR User <user.vdr@xxxxxxxxx>
To: libftdi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2010 10:59:52 -0700
Thanks for the replies.  It seems I was given bad information.
Apparently those ioctl's refer to LIRC_SETUP_START and LIRC_SETUP_END,
so it appears not a libftdi problem afterall.  However, maybe this is
a good place to ask about the problem I'm having.

To be specific, I have tried both an FTDI MM232R module, and
TTL-232R-5V usb cable (with the FTDI chip in the usb connector), both
with the same results.  I'm able to create a lircd.conf using
irrecord, however it uses raw mode/codes with:

Found const length: 93384
RC-5 remote control found.
No header found.
No lead pulse found.
No repeat header found.
Unknown encoding found.

The strange thing is when I use a homebrew serial ir receiver, the
same remote gives the following from irrecord:

Found const length: 107989
Space/pulse encoded remote control found.
Signal length is 67.
Found possible header: 9095 4404
Found trail pulse: 655
Found repeat code: 9095 2155
Signals are space encoded.
Signal length is 32

Why would these have different results if it's the same remote control
being used?  Both the FTDI-based and homebrew serial ir are using the
TSOP1738.  The serial one uses a voltage regulator, but I didn't see
this in the FTDI usb schematic at Albert's page.

Could this be caused by a bad baud rate, or maybe bit-banging related?
 I'm close to ripping my hair out trying to get the FTDI usb ir
receiver working.  Greatly appreciate any help/suggestions!


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