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Subject: Re: libftdi-1.0: Fixing up build on Mac OS X

From: Thomas Jarosch <thomas.jarosch@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: libftdi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 11:03:09 +0200
Hello Manu,

On Monday, 21. June 2010 16:17:23 Emmanuel Blot wrote:
> It seems weird to define an API in a public .h file which some of the
> public functions that are not implemented in the .c file.
> ...
> Agreed.
> Anyway, libusb-1.x is the currently supported USB lib, so I think it's
> better to focus on libftdi-1.0.

Which brings us to an interesting point: The whole #ifdef _ASYNC_MODE
stuff was a hack as we weren't satisfied with the speed of libusb 0.x
and libusb 1.x wasn't available back then.

What about always enabling the async mode in libftdi 1.x
and remove the complete #ifdef stuff?


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