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Subject: Re: Problem with ftdi_eepprom 0.3 and FT2232H

From: Piotr Pawluczuk <piotrek@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: libftdi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 08 Feb 2010 00:16:17 +0100
Hi Steffen,

The ftdi_eeprom utility and ftdi eeprom related functions are not working well with new FTDI chips. I haven't tried to program any of FT2232H series, but I broke my FT232R chip. I didn't have much time to work on that, so I still don't know exactly which part of the EEPROM building code is broken.

I was able to fix it with a Linux box and a raw EEPROM backup I made from a different chip. If you have another FT2232H chip, please make a dump of the EEPROM and then restore it.

I have attached a simple utility I made for that purpise, but you will probably need to modify it, as in my case the VID and PID were still correct.

Good Luck!

On 10-02-08 00:01, Steffen Mauch wrote:

I tried to change the manufactor and product string of FT2232h.
I used ftdi_eeprom to do it and something went wrong.

Now the FT2232h doesn't enumerate. I disabled the eeprom and now it is working again.
How could I fix the wrong eeprom?

I thought that if I boot the FT2232h without eeprom and enable it after enumeration then I should be able to program it again. I tried FT-Prog, but I got an error, vendor id or product id are not allowed to be zero.
But I tried to erase the device.

ftdi_eeprom says that it could write. But I have he feeling that something goes wrong during programming the eeprom.
If I read back the eeprom, it looks as the attached

Has anyone programmed an FT2232H device with ftdi_eeprom?
So does it really work?

How could I repair my wrong eeprom?


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