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Subject: Update my libftdi patch for libusb-1.0

From: Jie Zhang <jzhang918@xxxxxxxxx>
To: Pete Batard <pbatard@xxxxxxxxx>
Cc: libusb-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, libftdi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 22:32:48 +0800
Hi Pete,

I updated the following patch

to the current HEAD of libftdi git tree.

There is one FIXME in ftdi_usb_open_string, which I don't know how to
get dirname and filename from libusb_device. It still only supports
libusb-1.0. But we have libusb-1.0 for Windows XP and later now...

I know you also have a modified version of libftdi. But I don't know
which one is better. Could you take a look?

Btw, it seems it's hard to extract a patch from libftdi mailing list
archive if it has already been inlined, since it only provides html
page. If it could provide an original email page, it will be much


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