libt2n: (tomj) fixed call of virtual function close() from destructor, fixed return...
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2008-07-24 Gerd v. Egidylibt2n: (gerd) some refactoring, documentation improvement
2008-07-23 Gerd v. Egidylibt2n: (gerd) improve doxygen documentation
2008-07-22 Gerd v. Egidylibt2n: (gerd) improve doxygen documentation
2008-04-17 Thomas Jaroschlibt2n: (tomj) fixed out of tree builds. Added ChangeLo...
2006-12-21 Gerd v. Egidylibt2n: (gerd) improve docu, cleanup for public release v0.2
2006-12-20 Jens Thielemove usage example into libt2n
2006-12-13 Jens Thielegenerate tag file, docu updates
2006-12-13 Jens Thielehack to get make distcheck to work - doxygen run will...
2006-12-13 Jens Thieleadded index.doc
2006-12-13 Jens Thielestarted docu
2006-10-06 Thomas Jaroschlibt2n: (tomj) doxygen support