Small corrections. Compiles and builds.
[libt2n] / codegen /
2006-12-04 Jens Thieleprojects using libt2n-codegen must include the makefile...
2006-12-04 Jens Thieleinstall codegen-stubhead.hxx in package include directory
2006-12-04 Jens Thieleinstall makefile snippet and .pc file template
2006-12-04 Jens Thielerename codegen binary to libt2n-codegen, prepare makefi...
2006-11-28 Jens Thielereplaced CODEGEN_ with XMLPP_
2006-11-28 Jens Thieledo not ship generated files (dist-hook hack). added...
2006-11-28 Jens Thielemake distcheck fixes
2006-11-28 Jens Thieleinstallation and .pc file generation
2006-11-20 Jens Thieleadded start of code generator