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1Example how to use the code generator libt2n-codegen.
2This example may be build during the build of libt2n or it may be build seperately using a
3installed version of libt2n.
5To build it seperately using a installed version of libt2n:
6autoreconf && ./configure && make && make distcheck
8if it does not work you may have to move the example-codegen out of the libt2n directory and
9pass some options to autoreconf
10I use something like:
11tar xzvf libt2n-0.1.tar.gz
12mv libt2n-0.1/example-codegen .
13cd example-codegen
14# get configure script created and missing autotools helper files installed
15# if you installed libt2n in some non-standard directory you might have to pass
16# -M pathtolibt2n.m4
17autoreconf -f -i
18./configure && make && make distcheck