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1// mainpage should not be here
3/*! \mainpage libt2n - (talk to neighbor)
4 \section intro_sec Introduction
5 libt2n (talk to neighbor) is a C++ library for inter-process communication (IPC, s.a.
6 with an additional code generator to make remote procedure calls (RPC, s.a. simple. (another solution perhaps would be to use C++ templates similar to postyyyman <> or dope <> - the main reason to use a code generator was that we wanted to build libraries which could be used on client side easily).
8 \htmlonly
9 <img src="" alt="rpc"/>
10 <p>Figure: Remote procedure call overview (</p>
11 \endhtmlonly
13 \par
14 XXX: improve this paragraph: The input for the code generator is standard C++ code (in fact we use gccxml to parse the C++ code and the code generator takes the XML as input) and you mark the procedures you want to expose to other processes. (no need for an interface definition language [IDL, s.a])
15 It then generates the client and server stubs needed.
16 The exported procedures can be grouped. For each group the code generator is called and generates 6 output files: group_common.hxx, group_common.cpp, group_client.hxx, group_client.cpp, group_server.hxx, group_server.cpp. The _common files are used by client and server whereas the _client files are used by the client and the _server files by the server only.
17 \par
18 To simplify the build process a Makefile snippet is provided that allows to create a server program and a client library (including a corresponding .pc file) using the autotools easily.
19 \section install_sec Installation
21 \subsection requirements Requirements
22 - boost <> (serialization <>)
23 - gccxml <>
24 - libxmlpp <>
26 \subsection recommended Recommended
27 - pkg-config <>
28 - autotools (automake, autoconf, libtool)
30 \subsection Compilation
31 \verbatim
32 ./configure && make install
33 \endverbatim
35 \subsection Usage
36 Take a look at the example file:../../../libt2n-examples/doc/html/index.html