moved examples out of libt2n into libt2n-example
[libt2n] / codegen / TODO
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1- remove support for LIBT2N_EXPORT_GROUP(group) (this will simplify the generator a lot)
2- add option similar to gccs -MD (at the moment it is a fixed set of files generated and
3 they are handled in the makefile snippet [codegen.make])
5open questions:
6- should projects using the codegen depend on installed version of ... or ship their own version?
7- get rid of codegen-stubhead.hxx or include a "copy" in each project?
8 first we said yes but now i say no because the lib depends on the libt2n headers anyway
9- makefile snippet must work for builds outside of libt2n
10 => some variables must be set by configure
11 the variables which must be set:
12 LIBT2N_CODEGEN="\$(top_builddir)/codegen/libt2n-codegen"
13 LIBT2N_CLIENT_PCTEMPLATE="\$(top_srcdir)/codegen/"
14 => we store the variables in the .pc file of libt2n
15- it would really be much nicer if the client lib includes would not depend upon boost serialization
16 i thought a solution would be to provide this optionally by wrapping the corresponding includes in a #ifdef
17 but this does not work since command.hxx is included which depends on boost serialization headers anyway
18 => we do not provide this for now
19- naming scheme?!
20 perhaps generated group class should not be prefixed by cmd_group_