projects using libt2n-codegen must include the makefile snippet themselves.
[libt2n] / example-codegen / TODO
1multiple command groups test: howto multiplex multiple commands on one stream?
2don't multiplex but a select on multiple groups would be nice
4include problem:
5- i don't see a solution using gccxml
6- a simple solution would be to have a special include file containing the neccessary includes (or 2: one for the type definitions and one for the serialization)
7- another solution would be to extract the includes from the file and add them to the generated code
8both solutions only work if the include paths used during compilation of a program using the library are correct[tm]
3ac2ff0e 9now we use the first solution
22c93e2c 10
0cfa3fb2 11- test using valgrind
12- would be nice to reduce amount of changed files
13 (codegen output is often the same as the existing files - something similar to ccache
14 for codegen - but not overwriting output files if they are the same)
3c4dd222 15- howto include the part after "# always the same:" in all makefiles using the codegenerator
44a58add 16 (we now use make's include)
3c4dd222 17- lib name should be group name + suffix/prefix
84b484fa 18- at the moment make dist from within a clean source will not work
44a58add 19 (this is related to the nodist problem / old automake version)
20- the example should not get installed (but still it should show how to build a lib that gets installed :-(
21 (overwriting install: doesn't work)
23- dist-hook in included makefile does not work (because automake doesn't see it!)
2c2d29e1 24- CLEANFILES doesn't work in included makefile either
27- first time builds without dependency files fail (.P)!
28 maybe yet another problem caused by automake?
29 probably yes
30 AHH:
31 automake supports include
32 the real problem is: at the time automake runs there is no include!
33 (since it is "added" by the configure script)
35 => the real problem:
36 configure should find the make file snippet
37 should include it
38 automake is run before configure (on the