2014-01-23 Thomas JaroschIncrease copyright year to 2014
2014-01-23 Thomas JaroschUpdate ChangeLog according to git history
2014-01-23 Thomas JaroschUpdate AUTHORS according to git history
2014-01-23 Thomas JaroschAlphabetic sorting
2013-10-31 xantaresRemoved useless cmake instructions
2013-10-31 xantaresFixed mingw python installation.
2013-10-31 xantaresWorkaround for cmake bug #0013449
2013-10-31 xantaresuse link dirs.
2013-10-31 xantaresConfigure libftdi1-config only unix & mingw, not win32
2013-10-31 xantaresAllow libusb detection without pkgconfig.
2013-10-31 xantaresProvide cmake config fo mingw/win32 too.
2013-10-24 Thomas Jaroschreformatting with astyle (to match existing code style)
2013-10-23 Paul FertserFix ftdi_get_library_version function prototype
2013-10-23 Davide MichelizzaFix FT232H eeprom suspend pulldown setting
2013-10-23 Davide MichelizzaFix FT232H eeprom user area size
2013-09-04 Uwe Bonneslibftdi_write_data: argument #2 should be const
2013-09-02 xantaresCleaned static-lib cmake doc.
2013-09-02 xantaresAlso move LibFTDI1Config to /cmake
2013-09-02 xantaresGuess libdir for archlinux.
2013-09-02 xantaresAdded mingw-w64 toolchain files
2013-09-02 xantaresFixed installation of static libraries with windows.
2013-09-02 xantaresFixed libintl use.
2013-08-30 Paul FertserImprove mingw cross-compiling instructions
2013-08-09 Paul Fertsercmake: allow to use pkg-config for windows builds as...
2013-08-09 Paul FertserFix mingw build issue caused by "interface" preprocesso...
2013-07-19 Michel ZouPython bindings: Fix warnings from pep8
2013-07-08 Thomas JaroschWhitespace cleanup
2013-07-08 Michel Zouswig wrapper: Remove dynamic python module soname
2013-06-03 Julien SchuellerTake dist-specifc python path into account.
2013-05-28 Julien SchuellerAdded detection of libintl.
2013-04-26 Jochen SprickerhofAdd get/set for usb_read/write_timeout in C++ wrapper
2013-04-26 Thomas JaroschFix typo in error message
2013-04-10 Thomas JaroschUnify style of the main source code
2013-04-10 Nathael PajaniAdded partial support for FT230X
2013-04-10 Nathael PajaniAdded ftdi_eeprom_set_strings()
2013-04-10 Nathael PajaniRemove compiler warnings on signed comparison
2013-04-10 Nathael PajaniPrevent possible segfault
2013-04-10 Thomas JaroschFix compile error reported by Bryan Richmond
2013-03-27 Jarkko SonninenSave device release number. Allow writing of eeprom...
2013-03-15 Mike Frysingermake building of static libs optional
2013-02-26 Michel ZouMoved python stuff to own directory
2013-02-26 Michel ZouAdded confuse script and moved cmake files
2013-02-14 Jarkko SonninenFix eeprom flags for eeprom build
2013-02-14 Michel ZouFixed read_pins argout typemap being sensitive to encoding.
2013-02-04 Michel ZouAdded version attribute.
2013-02-04 Michel ZouAllow to override LIB_SUFFIX
2013-02-04 Michel ZouFixed deprecated cmake python variable.
2013-01-29 Thomas JaroschFix typo in release documentation
2013-01-29 Thomas JaroschPrepare changelog for release v1.0
2013-01-28 Thomas JaroschFix usleep unit conversion
2013-01-28 Xiaofan ChenMinGW support: Change sleep() to usleep()
2013-01-25 Thomas JaroschPrepare third release candidate v1.0rc3
2013-01-25 Thomas JaroschAdapt to new cmake config files path
2013-01-24 Michel ZouAdd C++ wrapper config vars.
2013-01-24 Michel ZouRenamed LibFTDIConfig.cmake. Cosmetic changes to CMakeL...
2013-01-24 Thomas JaroschAdapt rpm specfile to changed doxygen output path
2013-01-24 Thomas JaroschInclude generated cmake config files in devel rpm package
2013-01-24 Michel ZouFixed cmake script installation dir on rpm distro.
2013-01-24 Thomas JaroschChange default build type to optimized build with debug...
2013-01-23 Michel ZouFixed python wrapper being rebuilt every time.
2013-01-23 Michel ZouAdded cmake config file
2013-01-16 Thomas JaroschPrepare for 1.0rc2 v1.0rc2
2013-01-15 Xiaofan ChenAdd verbose build instructions
2013-01-15 Michel ZouFixed doxygen docstring generation.
2013-01-15 Michel ZouFixed doxygen warnings.
2013-01-15 Michel ZouFixed python3 bindings generation.
2013-01-15 Michel ZouFixed convert string function in python wrapper.
2013-01-15 Anders LarsenDon't #include <libusb.h> from ftdi.h
2013-01-15 Matthias Jankefix mem leaks in examples ftdi_deinit -> ftdi_free
2013-01-11 Xiaofan ChenUpdate README.mingw to reflect current Windows libusb...
2012-12-28 Thomas JaroschMark release candidate status v1.0rc1
2012-12-28 Thomas JaroschQuick start guide how to build libftdi
2012-12-28 Thomas JaroschUpdate ChangeLog
2012-12-28 Thomas JaroschUpdate AUTHORS
2012-12-28 Thomas JaroschUpdate README and TODO
2012-12-28 Thomas JaroschIncrease copyright year (final release will be in 2013)
2012-12-28 Thomas JaroschGrab changelog from libftdi 0.20
2012-12-28 Thomas JaroschFix rpm dependency
2012-12-28 Thomas Jaroschrpm .spec file: Package the python wrapper
2012-12-27 Thomas JaroschInstall ftdi_eeprom
2012-12-27 Thomas JaroschFirst shot at fixing the .spec file
2012-12-23 Thomas JaroschC++ wrapper: Fix use-after-free issue in List::find_all()
2012-11-19 Dan WhiteTweak output to include Returns header
2012-11-19 Dan WhiteExtract doxygen from ftdi.c to python docstrings
2012-11-19 Dan WhiteEnable separate doxygen XML output
2012-10-22 Uffe JakobsenFix build on FreeBSD (cmake file typo)
2012-10-22 Michel ZouUpdated python wrapper: Fixes for python3 + documentation
2012-09-06 Michel ZouFix python lib linking on MacOS X
2012-09-06 Michel ZouImprove cpack packaging
2012-08-31 Michel ZouFix doxygen doc generation if C++ wrapper is not built
2012-08-23 Michel Zoupython bindings: python3 support
2012-08-23 Thomas JaroschRemove ftdi_async_complete() left over from libftdi 0.x
2012-08-21 Michel ZouAvoid to link python libs on debian
2012-08-14 Thomas JaroschFix wrong array access in set_ft232h_cbus()
2012-07-28 Thomas JaroschMerge branch 'renames-for-release'
2012-07-28 Thomas JaroschPython stuff is solved now
2012-07-28 Peter Schneiderfixed NULL-pointer dereference in the ftdi_error_return...
2012-07-28 Peter Schneiderfixed NULL-pointer dereference in the ftdi_error_return...
2012-07-16 Thomas JaroschRemove old async mode ignore lines
2012-07-07 Thomas JaroschRename python wrapper to ftdi1. Adapt examples with...