2011-09-08 Uwe BonnesThe BM_type_chip option no longer exists
2011-09-05 Uwe Bonnesexamples/serial_test.c: Use smaller buffers for lower...
2011-09-05 Uwe Bonnesexamples/serial_test.c: Explicit set the line parameters
2011-09-05 Uwe Bonnesexamples/serial_test.c: Use FTDI vendor ID as default
2011-09-05 Uwe Bonnesexamples/serial_test.c: Don't crash if no pattern on...
2011-09-02 Thomas JaroschFix off-by-one buffer size error (detected by PC-lint)
2011-09-02 Uwe BonnesUse default vendor/product strings for EEPROM when...
2011-09-02 Uwe BonnesEEPROM: treat USE_SERIAL as bool, not a flag
2011-09-02 Uwe Bonnesftdi_eeprom: the chip type is given by the connected...
2011-09-02 Uwe Bonnesftdi_eeprom: Change sequenc of initialization to get...
2011-09-02 Uwe Bonnesftdi_eeprom: If we don't understand the argument, tell...
2011-09-02 Thomas JaroschCosmetic changes to the unit test
2011-09-02 Thomas JaroschAdd unit test for existing baudrate calculcation code
2011-09-02 Thomas JaroschAdd (optional) unit test infrastructure
2011-09-02 Thomas JaroschFix include directories: Prefer local (probably newer...
2011-09-02 Uwe BonnesTry to inhibit programming EEPROM with data for a diffe...
2011-07-27 Uwe BonnesNext try to get the encoding/decoding for the different...
2011-07-27 Uwe BonnesSearch for any devices with one of the default VID...
2011-07-27 Thomas JaroschFix more occurences of serial_read -> serial_test
2011-07-27 Uwe BonnesRename serial_read to serial_test, as now write is...
2011-07-27 Uwe BonnesGive usage hints for handling empty EEPROM
2011-07-27 Uwe BonnesFT232H has even more config bytes and less user_area
2011-07-27 Uwe BonnesOnly try ftdi_usb_open_dev if devices found
2011-07-27 Uwe BonnesBaud rate generation is the same as with FT2232H/FT232H
2011-07-27 Uwe BonnesMove opening the device before tampering with the value...
2011-07-19 Uwe Bonnesftdi_eeprom: Change handling the EEPROM size
2011-07-19 Uwe Bonnesftdi_eeprom: Use exported APIs only
2011-07-19 Uwe Bonnesexamples/eeprom: With no VID/PID/desc/serial, print...
2011-07-19 Uwe BonnesAdd ftdi_set_eeprom_buf() as proposed in ftdi_eeprom
2011-07-19 Uwe BonnesAdd missing ftdi_get|set_eeprom_value entries
2011-07-08 Uwe Bonnesexamples/find-all: Use the new "find-all" option
2011-07-08 Uwe Bonnesftdi_usb_find_all: Only search for default devices...
2011-07-04 Uwe BonnesAllow to search for all FTDI standard VID/PID
2011-06-28 Uwe BonnesIncrement the refcount on devices we return from ftdi_u...
2011-06-28 Uwe BonnesDon't return before cleanup
2011-06-28 Uwe Bonnes1.0/src/ftdi_stream.c: Check for fitting device
2011-06-28 Uwe Bonnes1.0/examples/stream_test: Fix memory leakage pathes
2011-06-28 Uwe BonnesOnly ftdi_init may call libusb_init, or we leak an...
2011-06-28 Uwe BonnesFix all leak in the examples shown with no device connected
2011-06-28 Uwe BonnesFix calculation of the Mode Bitfield
2011-06-28 Uwe BonnesHardware mode definitions for EEPROM programming must...
2011-06-28 Uwe BonnesChange how the hardware mode is programmed to inhibit...
2011-06-28 Uwe BonnesHandle the FT232H CBUS Bits, Keep Values list numbered
2011-06-28 Uwe BonnesFT232h: Handle the FT1284 Mode bits
2011-06-28 Uwe BonnesFT232H: Handle the EEPROM Bit for Enter Powerdsave...
2011-06-28 Uwe BonnesAdd FT232H drive/strength/slew/schmitt trigger
2011-06-28 Uwe BonnesAdd FT1284 driver mode and new VCP bit position
2011-06-28 Uwe BonnesBeginning of FT232H support. Many EEPROM values still...
2011-06-21 Uwe BonnesFree the device list in ftdi_usb_find_all
2011-06-21 Uwe BonnesClean up on error
2011-06-21 Uwe BonnesClean up in error pathes
2011-06-21 Uwe BonnesAdd missing check for NULL product string
2011-06-21 Uwe BonnesRemove other duplicate-code
2011-06-21 Uwe BonnesAbort if no EEPROM is found
2011-06-21 Uwe BonnesRemove some code duplication
2011-06-21 Thomas JaroschMove libusb_init() call to prevent crash
2011-06-14 Thomas JaroschForward port flexible module unload behavior
2011-06-14 Thomas JaroschFix small typo
2011-05-23 Uwe Bonneslibftdi1: Fixe Fixme in CBUS decoding
2011-05-20 Thomas JaroschMerge branch 'eeprom-new'
2011-05-06 Thomas JaroschCorrect ftdi_poll_modem_status() result code
2011-05-06 Thomas JaroschCorrect ftdi_poll_modem_status() result code
2011-05-02 Evgeny SinelnikovFix cmake build with not remove doc directory for build...
2011-05-02 Evgeny SinelnikovFix libftdi.hpp with include of system ftdi.h
2011-05-02 Chris ZehFix ftdi_read_pins in python bindings
2011-02-01 Uwe BonnesCall ftdi_usb_close_internal and not usb_close when...
2011-02-01 Uwe BonnesCheck ftdi pointer before accessing it
2011-02-01 Uwe BonnesCall ftdi_usb_close_internal and not usb_close when...
2011-02-01 Uwe BonnesCheck ftdi pointer before accessing it
2011-01-21 Uwe BonnesSafer initialisation of ftdi_readstream
2011-01-21 Uwe BonnesDelete some remaining debug printout
2011-01-21 Uwe BonnesSafer initialisation of ftdi_readstream
2011-01-21 Uwe BonnesDelete some remaining debug printout
2011-01-19 Vladimir YakovlevNot writing to file, in flash_raw mode
2011-01-19 Vladimir YakovlevDefault USB PID differs for different devices. 0x6001...
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschImport example config file from ftdi_eeprom tree
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschFix raw eeprom buffer handling
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschIntroduce size limit in ftdi_get_eeprom_buf()
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschUse eeprom_set_value()/eeprom_get_value() where possible
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschFix typo in documentation
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschPrepare switch to opaque eeprom buffer
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschUpdate copyright information and add ftdi_eeprom TODO...
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschPC-lint settings: Add path to libusb 1.0 header file
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschWe already declared var 'i', no need to redo it
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschFix memleak on ftdi_write_data_submit() error
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschFix user area size calculation
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschFix doxygen documentation
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschAddress one more compile warning / add FIXME comment...
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschFix uninitialized variable warning about user_area_size
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschUpdate project file to kdevelop 4
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschRemove duplicate init code
2011-01-15 Thomas JaroschRemove duplicate init code
2011-01-12 Thomas JaroschFix email address
2011-01-12 Uwe BonnesFix mantainer in CMakeLists.txt
2010-12-30 Vladimir YakovlevProper initialisation of interface A.
2010-12-30 Thomas JaroschUpdate AUTHORS file
2010-12-30 Vladimir YakovlevProper initialisation of interface A.
2010-10-23 Thomas Jaroschftdi_eeprom compiles now. Still needs a lot of work
2010-10-23 Thomas JaroschAdd ftdi_eeprom target (currently disabled). Get versio...
2010-10-15 Thomas JaroschImport latest, unchanged ftdi_eeprom source