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Subject: python wrapper update

From: xantares 09 <xantares09@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <libftdi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 20:52:23 +0000

I tried to enhance the python wrapper:
- updated functions prototypes in regard to the lib
- made  OUTPUT* typemaps active as they were misplaced regarding headers order
- allowed use of ftdi_usb_get_strings
- added an advanced example script
- stripped the 'ftdi_' suffix to avoid to write "ftdi.ftdi_usb_open(...)"; it becomes just "ftdi.usb_open(...)"
- removed useless pointer functions since valid OUTPUT typemaps are there
- some cleanup

Here is the patch against the current trunk and the advanced example script to test many more functionalities.


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