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Subject: I'm thinking of starting a new personal project with an FTDI, has anyone tinkered with smart cards?

From: John Oyler <john.m.oyler@xxxxxxxxx>
To: libftdi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2010 18:06:59 -0500
I've got alot of free time on my hands lately. And having managed to
actually accomplish something with this IC before, I'm itching to try
something else.

I'd like to be able to (legitimately) watch satellite TV on a linux
machine. I would subscribe to the service, and receive a smart card
that I pay the subscription fee on. I already have a DVB-S tuner card
(pci) that can receive signals from the satellite, but of course they
are encrypted.

What I've been thinking is that I might get one of these:

(or at least, something similar).

One end of it would hook up to the smart card, and another would hook
up to a traditional satellite receiver's smart card slot. I'd simply
proxy one port to the other, and eavesdrop on that protocol. If I
could come to understand it well enough, I could then have mplayer
send the same protocol to a subscribed card, receive the decrypt keys,
and play the decrypted video from the sat tuner.

So, I ask you guys... can the 2232D do ISO-7816 serial protocol? Could
it do it from the linked device, without much extra supporting

Any suggestions or ideas are most appreciated. Also, please understand
I'm not interested in doing anything illegal.

John O.

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