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Subject: Issues with libdc1394 and libftdi on Ubuntu 10.04

From: Ilya Ganelin <ilganeli@xxxxxxxxx>
To: libftdi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2010 09:25:19 -0400
Hello, I have been using your libftdi library to talk to a pair of servo
 motors using an FTDI 232R
 chip.  I am working in c++ on Ubuntu.

 I am also using the libdc1394 library to talk to a Point Grey Bumblebee
 stereo camera. Until recently, I was able to run both libraries simultaneously without issue.
 However, since I upgraded to  Ubuntu 10.04 from Ubuntu 9.1 it has become impossible to open a
 connection using open().

 A stack trace of the resulting segmentation fault is shown below:

 10 register_platform()  0xb7c06a00
 9 usb_init()  0xb7c201f1
 8 ftdi_usb_find_all()  0xb55b5d75
 7 Ftdi::List::find_all()  0xb6b5bda2
 6 dxl_hal_open()
 5 dxl_initialize()
 4 Controller::init()
 3 Controller()
 2 cCamera()
 1 main()

 I believe the issue to be caused by libdc1394 in particular since if I
 link libdc1394 into a test program that merely opens a connection via your library and then attempt
 to run, I get the same error even if I do not call any code in libdc1394.

 I have noticed when running 'ldd' to determine library dependencies for
 the libraries that in Ubuntu 10.04, libdc1394 includes the library libusb1.0, however, in 9.1,
 it does not include any version of libusb.
 Libftdi uses libusb0.1. I have read on the website for libusb1.0 that
 there should not be any compatibility issues with libusb1.0 and libusb0.1 but since the error is
 in the register_platform()  function which is being called from usb_init, I am skeptical of this

 I feel that if libftdi were to be updated to usb libusb1.0 that this could resolve the issue. I am wondering if you have seen such an issue before or if you can
suggest anything to resolve it.

Thank you.

-Ilya Ganelin

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