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Subject: Re: [libftdi-1.0] [PATCH] bug fix for async write and read

From: Thomas Jarosch <thomas.jarosch@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: libftdi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2010 09:36:13 +0200
On Wednesday, 14. July 2010 02:58:19 Xiaofan Chen wrote:
> From what I see, libftdi-1.0 has not made into any of the distros. For
> example, Debian has only libftdi 0.18 in the unstable branch (sid).
> The package name is kind of consusing though since it is named
> as libftdi1 (version 0.18-1).
> chon=names&keywords=libftdi
> One thing that I think that may cause further integration of libftdi-1.0
> into distros is that it is supposedly to be total replacement of
> libftdi so they can not coexist together. And they actually
> depend on different packages (libusb-0.1 and libusb-1.0).
> Maybe it is time to rename the libftdi-1.0 binaries to
> libftdi-1.0.{so, dll, a, dll.a} and rename the header file
> to libftdi.h, similar to libusb-1.0. In that case, it can
> coexist with the current libftdi and the distros can easily
> add it in without affecting the original libftdi package.

Yes, this is surely one of the reasons and there was no
single official release yet. So, let's focus on two things:

1. Rename the library and header file.
2. Remove autoconf support

I think then we can build an -rc tarball
and do a first libftdi 1.x release soon.


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