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Subject: Re: Bit Bang mode hardware bug for FT232 and FT2232 chips

From: Helge Lenz <h.lenz@xxxxxx>
To: libftdi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 22:35:54 +0200
Although I got some scratches on my forehead I found a workaround - at least for my special case... Thanks for the info.

What I don't understand and contradicts my scope measurements is the "baud rate * 16": In my application it works pretty well with baud rate * 8! At least if I use a baud rate of 65536 I get pretty good results for the pulse/pause length I need (220 to 3000 µs). Keep us up-to-date with your findings about the FT2232H so maybe next time I can really only use one of these chips instead of an extra timer.


Spindler, Tyler L schrieb:

I’ve been working with a couple of the engineers at FTDI trying to isolate the issue of inconsistent clocking in BitBang mode when writing data. After a couple of months of back and forth I finally received a response that there is a known hardware bug in the chips. The information was located in the FTDI internal knowledge base. Here is the KB snippet from the engineer:

“Many users complain that using the devices in BitBang mode does not produce consistent pulse widths. This is true in 'BM, 'R and FT2232 devices. The reason is related to how the clock is generated when it is divided down. It is not correctly synced to the USB clock and therefore the pulse width can vary. A workaround to ensure a consistent pulse width is to set the baud rate for 3,000,000 (divisor = 1). With this rate a consistent pulse width is produced. By padding the data stream you can then create wider pulses, albeit at the expense of extra data traffic. It is anticipated this feature will be resolved in future devices starting with FT2232H / FT4232H.”

The work around will not work because it would require a USB speed of 384 Mbits/sec to keep up with the BitBang write tick (baud rate * 16) and all of the identified chips only support 12 Mbits/sec. I was told it was fixed in the FT2232H, which I am going to try in the coming weeks. If this can keep someone from beating their head against the wall when getting inconsistent clocking while writing out in BitBang mode, then I have accomplished my goal.



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