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Subject: annotated tag, v0.5, created. v0.5

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Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2009 11:17:36 +0100 (CET)
- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Released libt2n v0.5
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


Gerd v. Egidy (3):
      small fix
      libt2n: (gerd) add safety-check to send_hello
      libt2n: (gerd) set additional non-blocking options, not really needed but 
a safety-measure, add unit-test

Gerd von Egidy (1):
      update project URL, remove old Obsolets-line from .spec

Thomas Jarosch (14):
      libt2n: (tomj) increase version
      libt2n: (tomj) fix bug in fill_connection_buffers() returning true even 
though no data is available
      libt2n: (tomj) small fix to support data transfers over 2GB
      libt2n: (tomj) disable recently added unit test: it won't work as is
      libt2n: (tomj) documented code problems; have to find out if this is the 
source of the server memleak/client crash
      libt2n: (tomj) close open connection (if any) on destruction of 
socket_client_connection; fixes client crash
      libt2n: (tomj) made reentrant unit-test more robust. Gave the 
guard_handle a lot of thought (volatile/atomic operations) -> it's fine.
      libt2n: (tomj) fix uninitialized variable "result_type" in 
      libt2n: (tomj) fixed call of virtual function close() from destructor, 
fixed return value of server::add_connection()
      libt2n: (tomj) make result_container's has_exception and has_result a bit 
more robust
      libt2n: (tomj) don't use std::auto_ptr in command_client, the pointer 
will get lost if the command_client is stored in a STL container.
      libt2n: (tomj) added exception handling to every child after fork(). This 
is needed to make sure no two cppunit tests run at the same time\!
      libt2n: (tomj) fix mysterious crashes in test::ReentrantServer: boost 
serialization does not cope with anonymous namespaces\! We ended up in the 
testfunc_* classes from the global namespace with the same name. argh\!
      Release libt2n 0.5


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