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Subject: RE: stable ABI

From: "Michael Plante" <michael.plante@xxxxxxxxx>
To: <libftdi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: "Mike Frysinger" <vapier@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 14:51:35 -0500
Mike Frysinger wrote:
>> the goal is to hide struct internals completely so that the exported
>> only has an opaque type:
>>      struct ftdi_eeprom;
>> any fields inside of that which users need to access will be via get/set
>> helpers.


>> then people may make all the changes they want to the structure
>> without disrupting the ABI.

But there are libftdi binaries floating around that still do encourage
transparent access to elements of the data structure, and there are older
programs that still touch those.  Even if we now make the structure opaque,
won't moving those elements around break the older programs?


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