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Subject: libftdi-1.0: libusb-winusb backend with cygwin

From: Scott Smyth <ssmyth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: libftdi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 13:44:32 -0700
I am trying to compile the libusb-winusb backend with libftdi
and openocd to use with the Marvell sheevaplug on cygwin
for W7 ultimate x64.

1) libusb-winusb compiled correctly with a patch for ntdef.h
included in a couple files.

2) Using cmake on libftdi-1.0, I keep getting the same error
which is that there is not a target specified.  I see that the
possible generators are "mingw32 Makefiles and
"Unix Makefiles" so for cygwin, I use "Unix Makefiles".

Then, I fix the cmake cache file for the appropriate libusb-1.0
library and then the libusb include files.  However, when I
compile the build always stops saying I have not defined
a TARGET.  Should that not be defined by "Unix Makefiles"
which I specify in "cmake -G"?  I am mostly ignorant of
cmake but having read the docs I cannot find my mistake
for a cygwin compile.


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