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Subject: Re: New project: libusb over TCP/IP

From: Marek Vavruša <marek@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Jim Paris <jim@xxxxxxxx>, libusb-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, libftdi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 12:12:44 +0100
On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 11:52 PM, Jim Paris <jim@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Marek Vavruša wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> for anyone interested - I have started a library, which is able to
>> interact with USB subsystem over TCP/IP.
> ...
>> So if you have thoughts or are brave enough to try it, please let me
>> know. I'll be glad for any feedback or bugreports.
> Interesting... I don't have an immediate use for this, but I've come
> across cases in the past where it would have been useful so I'll be
> sure to keep it in mind.
> I was glancing through the source to see how endian issues were
> handled, and it seems like they're not -- everything looks fine if
> they're the same, but it looks like it wouldn't work with a
> little-endian server and a big-endian client.  Is that correct?

Correct. I'm in phase of bugfixing and creating usable documentation,
so I'm going to implement htons conversions as soon as I can.
Thanks for pointing this out!

> I also noticed the error below; 16-bit values would be truncated to
> 8-bit (although I guess this isn't used by the current code):

Thanks for the patch, applied! I must have been really sleepy at a time :-)

> -jim
> diff --git a/src/proto/protocol.cpp b/src/proto/protocol.cpp
> index e0ade66..c44450b 100644
> --- a/src/proto/protocol.cpp
> +++ b/src/proto/protocol.cpp
> @@ -67,7 +67,8 @@ Block& Block::addNumeric(uint8_t type, uint8_t len, 
> uint32_t val)
>    pushPacked(len);
>    // Cast to ensure correct data on both Big and Little-Endian hosts
> -   uint8_t val8 = val, val16 = val;
> +   uint8_t val8 = val;
> +   uint16_t val16 = val;
>    if(len == sizeof(uint32_t)) append((const char*) &val,   sizeof(uint32_t));
>    if(len == sizeof(uint16_t)) append((const char*) &val16, sizeof(uint16_t));
>    if(len == sizeof(uint8_t))  append((const char*) &val8,  sizeof(uint8_t));

Just a  out of interest, interrupt transfers are another untested part
of the code. Anyone capable of testing it or could point me to a
device using it?

Marek Vavrusa

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